The Best In Hospitality Choose Disruption Over Legacy


It’s 2017, a new year, new resolutions & new business. It all sounds, well, not so new. The same thing was said in 2016, 2015 and all the years before. Some aspects of business may always remain the same but in hospitality specifically, trends, demographics & technology never remain constant. So failing to follow through on new resolutions and business approaches will ultimately result in the potential failure of your hotel or resort. And this is why the best in the industry have consistently chosen “Disruption over Legacy” to their own benefit and overall success of their business!

Unfortunately the bulk of hotel software and technology solutions were originally developed years ago and therefor designed for work flow processes of that day and age. This has led to many hotels today still using outdated legacy driven business strategies based on the solutions. And this all leads to broken or inefficient processes that end up costing hoteliers more time and money. Instead of paying for one modern solution that offers a full suite of efficient services to help optimise your properties potential many end up paying for multiple out dated solutions leaving you with less time and money.

A good example of this in hospitality is one of the most commonly used hotel solutions – a booking engine. When you consider the fact that booking engines have been around since the 1990’s you could easily find yourself stuck in a legacy dilemma if you do not keep your booking engine solutions up to date. Using this specific solution as an example you may want to consider points like the ones listed below when selecting a truly modern and disruptive product.

1) The Look and Feel – The best booking engines that make people want to book from you will mirror your site style and appear to be an organic part of it. Content flexibility is a fundamental part to a modern booking engine. The ability to easily incorporate smart up to date images of the room they are booking and extras they can choose to enhance their experience are always a must. A clean easy and safe (Safe and secure with their precious credit card details) looking experience that delivers a clearly understandable preview of the full booking and delivers a “thank you” email with the booking details as confirmation are just some of the basics to qualify when selecting a modern booking engine.

2) It Works (The Tech Side) – Make sure you choose someone who supplies a system which works on up to date live inventory so that you can offer all available rooms all the time with minimal intervention. This should give you the ability to include different rates and rules dependent on the timing of the booking, season, day of the week and your competitors in your area. Beyond this, naturally you want to maximise every penny from every booking you can. So understanding how the architecture works on the back end is crucial. Is it Server based or Cloud based, what affects it functioning properly, does it have back up systems and what do you do in-case of any issues with a booking? Whats the support like? Does it come with 24/7 instant chat help on the booking engine so your staff can have a helping hand anytime day or night?

3) Joined Up Approach. – Just putting a booking engine into a website won’t necessarily mean more business You have to also tie in the right offers, keep them fresh and appropriate to events, time of year and occasions. Make sure that your SEO is up to scratch….it’s useless if you have a great booking engine but no-one knows it’s there. Tie in your reputation. Make sure that your reputation is all it can be by monitoring it and using the feedback to improve it.

Similarly to this qualification process for selecting a booking engine you want to be sure your getting the most modern & efficient solutions available to your specific hospitality needs. And having the right people who have the real world knowledge and experience of todays hospitality tech solutions can be invaluable to your hotels success. But finding the key product knowledge all in one place can be difficult and could leave you running from one email or call to another while speaking with multiple providers for different key solutions.

This is where BookingForce becomes a powerful provider of all your hotelier needs based on the modern day traveller’s process. Besides completely covering the three points listed above and more. BookingForce and its partners have you covered whether your looking for the best modern approaches to managing your properties social media, website design, booking process, channel management or reputation management. BookingForce boasts a full suite of services and experts to cover all those needs. For more details on the these specific solutions built around how todays traveler’s operate and make their travel decisions, check out our latest blog – “5 Tools To Help Hoteliers Manage More With Less & Win Business On ALL Steps Of The Modern Day Traveller’s Process“.

So don’t settle for legacy! Join the best in hospitality & choose modern innovative solutions like BookingForce to disrupt old business approaches and make the next step in optimising your hotels revenue and success!