The 3 Key Features Defining Great Hotel Technologies In 2017

Since the dawn of the internet, the hotel industry has been one of the fastest to adopt technology solutions in order to help scale and accelerate business. Yet today you can still somehow find some property managers running their hotels on ancient legacy systems or even worse, no hotel tech or software use at all. Putting such hotel managers up against the ones who do innovate, makes success virtually impossible for legacy or no technology based hotel providers. I say virtually impossible because its never over until its over! Many know the Chinese proverb that says “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now!”. So considering some of the technology hotels may be using was literally developed 20 years ago or they are not using any solutions at all, the obvious time for an upgrade or change would be now. There is no better time than now. But when it comes to making a selection from the plethora of hotel technology solutions on the market, making the right decision can indeed be a tall order to make. And this is where the 3 key features detailed below are critical for any hotelier when considering to either move from the stone age tech they may currently be using or to simply implement new technology all together.

  1. Integration
  2. Ease Of Use
  3. Support


With hundreds of solutions on the market, the least you can do as a cutting edge technology provider is offer well integrated systems. Instead of paying for 1 solution and getting just that, 1 solution, the best hotel technologies allow or adapt integrations. Whether it be additional features or even 3rd party solutions, the need to customise your property tech is essential to accelerate your business. The most basic of hotel channel managers and booking engines integrate with all the necessary OTA’s and data providers in order to have automatically updating features to help hoteliers avoid as much manual work as possible. But beyond internal features, at the end of the day the simple truth is there is no one stop shop solution for hotels. There will always be a need to use multiple solutions in order to cover various workflow and business needs as a hotelier. So finding a solution provider that offers packaged deals in order to cover your full suite of modern hotel management needs is a must!


Simplicity is key to any so called modern technology solution. This goes as far back as the launch of the iPhone in 2007 boasting the first ever phone with just 1 button. Also the birth of apple store game developer giants like Rovio with Angry Birds back in 2009 makes for a great case study! Angry Birds unprecedented success can solely be based on the simplicity of the gameplay itself. With one finger and one click Angry Birds allowed you to play entire campaigns with ease while no other game developer had managed such a feat. Using this as a window to the way people have interacted with technology and how they continue to evolve their use of tech shows a strong need for simplicity. The worlds largest consumer population is made up of digital nomad – millennial’s. The psychology behind how people use and interact with technology shows a greater need than ever to optimise the number of clicks to solution on both the back and front end of any modern technology or software solution. So if you are introduced to a new solution and it needs to come with a 10 page manual or 1 week training course just to get it to operate at all, then you are most likely speaking with the wrong technology company. That said when it comes to technology or software solutions we are not talking about making a ham and cheese sandwich. There are indeed very complicated solutions that need a level of training and preparation to run optimally. And that is where the final key feature comes into play.


The feature that truly sets apart the best technology providers from the worst has got to be the support! Support is where the very necessary H2H – Human to Human part of modern business practice comes into play. Skype was launched in 2003 yet we did not see the events or meeting industry dissolve into dust. In fact the need for face to face meetings and events is greater than ever before. This is because no technology can ever truly eliminate the need for human to human business interaction. All hotel technologies hold their very important responsibilities to help optimise specific business tasks and overall help hotels generate more revenue. But without the humans behind the brand that developed the technology and help keep it running, there would be no solution at all. So if you find yourself doing business with a technology provider that has bad support then there is no greater sign that you need to start looking for other solutions. This support should be reflected from end to end all the way from the start of communication and product demoing, to the implementation and training, to the key account follow up, and 24/7 technical support. A technology solution is only as good as the people in the company who represent that technology. People do business with people, yes, even in the IT sector, so be sure you are doing business with people who understand and reflect the level of support you deserve!


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